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New Jersey Microsystems, Inc. is a 6 year old specialist company supplying microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors/actuators and interface circuitry. All of our products and R&D development are in response to important military, industrial, aerospace, and medical market opportunities.

The Company maintains an interdisciplinary skill capability spanning the fields of physics, chemistry, electronics  mechanical engineering and biomedical device. We will continue our synergistic programs in which MEMS sensors/actuators are interfaced through CMOS signal conditioning circuits of our own designs and protected with patents issued and pending.

We do not accept business unless NJM has a strong proprietary technology position backed up with patents and/or patents pending. The Company owns or holds license to  patents and patents pending in all of our technology focus areas.

Most of our products utilize silicon wafers and manufacturing technologies compatible with existing silicon foundries. We have capability to manufacture and deliver sensors in quantities of thousands produced by our own employees. For larger quantities of sensors and for digital integrated circuits we contract with foundries. We are not a "fabless" semiconductor manufacturer since we process and develop MEMS sensors using our own personnel in contracted cleanrooms.

The Company founded in 1996, is owned by employees and operates without outside investment capital. The Company is located in the Economic Development Center on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark NJ. NJM has on-site design, prototyping and test workstation areas. Rented cleanroom  facilities are used for cleanroom prototyping work.