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MEMS Sensor Specialists

RFID wireless Sense-it systems

Remote sensors under development by NJM for RFID applications include the remote readout of temperature, acceleration, vibration, humidity and magnetic fields. Readout is PC-based to facilitate utilization of data
Acceleration and Vibration Sensing
Wireless technology is used for monitoring the mechanical vibration-signature for rotating machinery including heavy electrical motors and internal combustion engines. Bandwidths up to ultrasonic frequencies permit a detail vibration analysis of wear and bearing adjustments

Product Focus

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Advanced MEMS technology is used in a 6-axis IMU which contains rate sensors and accelerometers for tactical grade applications.

Micromass Weighing Instrumentation

The NJM MEMS microbalance is highly cost effective with a 50 gram full scale range. Another system has a 1 microgram resolution. This instrumentation has application in several proprietary OEM systems including  military, industrial and biomedical.

Magnetic Fields Sensing




Multi-axis monitoring of magnetic fields with a resolution of 1 nano Tesla is provided by NJM MEMS field monitoring sensors. Wireless telemetry readout is obtained by coupling to a low duty-cycle reader/interrogator circuit.

Water Content Instrumentation





The NJM MEMS low cost portable battery powered instrument will permit rapid moisture measurements in the field. For use in agriculture and civil engineering applications

Multispectral Imaging





The NJM multispectral imager is an ongoing R & D project with fuses uv-visible-NIR windows with thermal LWIR and VLWIR windows. The NETD at 10 micron wavelength is expected to be 20 millidegK. This proprietary NJM sensor array offers a highly cost-effective solution to serve both OEM military and OEM industrial application markets

Biomedical Sensor Systems





New Jersey Microsystems currently has under development a range of proprietary RFID biomedical sensors based on MEMS technology. Additional IP covers MEMS microsurgical tools for robot-controlled and manual surgery.