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 New Jersey Microsystems, Inc. currently has a limited number of career opportunities available.  We seek qualified individuals with previous industrial work experience in the following areas:

 Engineering Director for IC Design:  This position requires 4 years of experience with aspects of discrete and IC design.  At NJM you and your group will be heavily involved with hands-on design to tapeout and chip test using Cadence and complementing design/test suites.  Your design team will be working with Cadence and Synopsis suites for ASIC CMOS design at the 0.35 and 0.18 micron node during the next 24-months.  Your group will also be responsible for Xilinx FPLA  digital customizing designs.  This position reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

 Senior Analog Circuit Design Engineer:  Three years of analog circuit design and a BSEE degree are required for this position.  You should have an excellent knowledge of mid-frequency circuit applications.  Initial assignments will include design with discrete analog IC circuit components for high dynamic range and ultrasensitive circuits.  This work is closely coordinated with custom analog CMOS circuit designer engineers.

 Electronics Test Engineer:  Specific skills needed for this position includes 2 years of experience with electronic circuit PCB prototyping,  use of advanced oscilloscopes and tst instrumentation, and preferably experience with National Instruments test automation software.  Your assignments include environmental testing including temperature, humidity, acceleration,  and shock.  A BSET  or BSEE degree is preferred for this position.  This position works closely with design, systems, and packaging engineers.

 Packaging Development Engineer:  Employment experience with semiconductor product assembly and packaging is required.  You will use thermal/mechanical simulators and design tools such as ANSYS, Coventer,  and Corning Intellisense.  Work is with small systems containing circuit planes of MEMS and CMOS components.  Academic training to the BS level is required preferably in the fields of mechanical or electrical engineering.  

 Our Workplace:  We are an equal opportunity employer located 6 miles west of NYC in Newark,  New Jersey near several transportation hubs.   Our workplace is 1000 ft. south of Interstate Highway I-280 at the King Blvd exit.  Our location 240 King Blvd is at the corner of King Blvd. and James St.   We are within a 5 minute walk of the Newark City Subway Locke St. station and the NJ Transit Broad Street station.  Newark Penn Station is 10 minutes distant via the Newark City Subway.  The Newark IntĄŻl Airport is  conveniently located 6 miles distant.

 Our location 240 King Blvd is located in the Economic Development Center on the campus of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  The Company encourages advanced study and currently reimburses tuition for completed graduate coursework for employees enrolled at NJIT.



You are invited to submit your resume for each of these job openings to
Dr. Frederick D. Chichester,President
New Jersey Microsystems,Inc.
211 Warren Street.Newark,NJ 07103


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