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MEMS Sensor Specialists


New Jersey Microsystems, Inc. is a specialist company for  MEMS and MOEMS sensor devices and systems.  We combine microelectromechanical (MEMS) and microoptoelectromechanical (MOEMS) sensors with CMOS interface circuitry to provide what we term "smart MEMS" technology.  We work with clients beginning at the design stage and move through R&D prototyping and continue into pilot production.  At our headquarters facility in Newark, NJ our design teams focus with clients on proprietary projects projected to lead large scale production volumes.  Our projects cover a range of applications with clients in the Department of Defense and industrial sectors. 

Most all of our smart EMES projects are backed up with applicable patents licensed or otherwise available to NJM in support of product production.    With our on-site CAD tools we design at the MEMS/MOEMS level and also at the CMOS interface circuit level.  For testing we maintain a range of  workstations for temperature, humidity, and acceleration/rate.  NJM employees work in leased cleanroom facilities at Newark, Ithaca, Albany, and Murray Hill. We maintain a close technology working relationship with Seoul National University.  We operate as a full service design house.  For production volumes we negotiate licensing and/or continuing product support for our clients.